Silicon Mica

Silicon Mica

Micanite or Built-Up Mica are manufactured with layers of overlapping mica splittings laid-up by hand or mechanical process and bonded with selected resins (such as shellac, epoxy, alkyd, silicone or other agents) in order to obtain characteristics for specific end-uses. It is then cured under high heat and pressure. Diverse range of composite binders are available according to temperature resistance and thermal insulation class namely, ‘B’ (130°C), ‘F’ (155°C) and ‘H’ (180°C) to match different applications.

For particular products, Micanite or Built-Up Mica are produced with numerous backing materials (such as glass fabric, polyester film, nomex paper, etc.) to form a laminate which provides additional mechanical strength, flexibility and tensile strength. Variations can be made in the method of production to manufacture thick or thin, stiff or flexible micanite products in the form of sheets, tapes, tubes and also moulded articles.

Micanite or Built-Up Mica is a vital insulating material employed for today’s electrical engineering industry without which many machineries and equipments would have to be made to operate at greatly reduced efficiency.

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