Heating Elements

Heating Elements

Mica Paper Plate or Heater Mica Plate are ideally suitable as base, support and covering plates for heating elements. They are the versatile solution for a number of domestic and industrial applications.

Made of high resistance Nickel-Chrome (NiCr) or Ferro-Chrome (FeCr) wire winded around Mica Paper Plate. It is available in all dimensions, patterns and designs in different voltage and wattage as per specifications.

Mica insulated heating elements have established to be a reliable performer providing long, efficient and dependable service life because of apparent distinctive thermal and electrical properties.

Application : Most appropriately used for warming and heating applications in toasters, roasters, kettle, flat irons, hair dryers, popcorn makers, cookers, ovens, perculators, griddles, stoves and other electrical appliances/heaters. Also used in heating elements for strip heaters and band heaters where it is sheathed in stainless steel or brass or rust-resistant steel.

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